*ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО ПОСМОТРЕТЬ* — новый потрясающий реалистичный AI ATC для MSFS | Использование тега GPT для чата gpt

Смотреть видео *MUST SEE* — New Amazing Realistic AI ATC for MSFS | Using Chat GPT нейросеть онлайн бесплатно *MUST SEE* — New Amazing Realistic AI ATC for MSFS | Using Chat GPT 2024 в качестве онлайн






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  1. Аватар пользователя @mastersofdisneyadventures9364

    This is very promising. It would be nice though, if something like this would be integrated in the new Flight Simulator 2024.

  2. Аватар пользователя @hrvojebartulovic7870

    So, you say that artificial insemination (AI) is the future of the simulation!? Sounds logical…

  3. Аватар пользователя @joey-kwok

    One less job for human

  4. Аватар пользователя @brin57

    Instantly lost me and 10's of thousands of others with the subscription model !! $30 U.s. per month is beyond laughable !!!

  5. Аватар пользователя @adventurebushflyers985

    It looks great but its too expensive for the hobby/enthusiest market. Most think $20p/m for Navigraph is expensive.

  6. Аватар пользователя @allanfarrow5391

    This is amazing. A bit costly, but worth it, especially as it evolves. Thanks for doing this demo!

  7. Аватар пользователя @paulg9042

    2 minutes into the video, checked the price…… $299.95/yr PASS

  8. Аватар пользователя @chorltondragon

    The price is a bit outputting:) I suspect it's so high because of the cost of the Open AI services behind it. I already have a Chat GPT subscription. It would be great if the developer could offer a cheaper version which utilises your own subscription.

    The delays you experienced on your flight are pretty typical of Chat GPT at the moment. It has improved a bit in the last few weeks but you do quite often get "service too busy" responses from it 🙁

  9. Аватар пользователя @joelmulder

    My god do those controllers speak fast. I think the voice modeling could still use some work, but besides this looks really good.
    Still, I think I’ll wait for Beyond ATC because it includes IFR and the voices seem just a little better.

  10. Аватар пользователя @NegdoshaManido

    Dang impressive. You can even hear the controllers take a breath. Sounds fantastic.

  11. Аватар пользователя @dasdguy7606

    I'd trade half these bells and whistles for MSFS to return 'Flyby' and 'Tower view'.

  12. Аватар пользователя @riverkash

    Great idea, wouldn’t mind using it, however not at that cost.

  13. Аватар пользователя @sukochitamago

    Yeah, the pricing model for this product is outrageous, especially given that MS owns so much AI infrastructure which is bound to come in to the base sim at some point.

    This one is a big no.

  14. Аватар пользователя @peteallennh

    This looks really slick, but holy cow, the cost 🫤

    I’d love to use this, but this will sadly be out of reach at this price point.

  15. Аватар пользователя @StevenSquier-er9gd

    last night's flight I asked about the area I was flying and it gave me a little site seeing tour of landmarks I was flying over.

  16. Аватар пользователя @spiffingrich

    Yes, very nice indeed. When you tried the IFR clearance I wasnt expecting that to work given you started out by saying VFR only. Really impressed, it feels like we really aren't very far away from linked AI controlled ATC where the multi-player online aspect is covered, ala VATSIM. I could also imagine something like VATSIM being able to blend with the AI so that controllers could login and take over from the AI and any unstaffed positions would simply get AI coverage.

  17. Аватар пользователя @dachsdk1559

    Ridiculous pricing, but sounds like a cool piece of kit.

  18. Аватар пользователя @NoHandle689x

    The price is difficult to justify from the CONSUMER point of view. It is a bit of a luxury, but just so amazingly cool. Hopefully I will be able to fly without it when my subscription expires.

  19. Аватар пользователя @relax12002

    Awesome for us newbies on how to talk back to ATC on radios

  20. Аватар пользователя @danielbooker3508

    Great review and since i have zero experience communicating with ATC I would use this. Thanks a lot for this, well done.

  21. Аватар пользователя @umbreonpokemon8190

    people are going to be paying 30/month to beta test this. The best part is the voices when vatsim easily matches that. Oh vatsim isnt always online? Well some pilots need to work on radio etiquette anyways. I feel like those that are upset ATC isnt always available are the ones who cant read back a basic clearance that they filed themselves.

  22. Аватар пользователя @fargo3620

    Definate NO at that price. Not worth it.

  23. Аватар пользователя @arcangelkq

    Great video and well showed. I have got this on my list now but will wait to see if they will bring it out with VR, as this is the only way i get up in the skies….This would be a fantastic addon for my flights. can't wait to see and hear when they start doing Europe. Keep up the great work.

  24. Аватар пользователя @Kurnusos

    Soon as it has European support as well as IFR support then I'll 100% be using this. I have no clue how to fly VFR so this could really help me, but I know nothing about american airspace.

  25. Аватар пользователя @pbshooter100

    Yep cool but $30 a month is stupid expensive. Pass

  26. Аватар пользователя @des1990

    beta? nah. Beeeeetah….

  27. Аватар пользователя @hrmkj

    M$oft claims it has sold approx 10 million copies of msfs 2020. Approximately 3 million of those are core/active users. If only 10% of those, decided to pay $30 a month that comes out to $9 million a month. Bring it down to five dollars a month and you would make it up in volume buy more people agreeing to pay

  28. Аватар пользователя @Hellmut195612

    I am pursuing the goal to have flying flight simulator is as close as possible to what I did experience when flying real GA planes. I have already spend a fortune when buying the Brunner force feedback yoke and the Thrustmaster TPR peddals as well as many of the Saitel peripherals and Tobii 5 aswell as 3 32" monitors that will allow me to operata MSFS 2020 in Multi-Monitor mode. The ATC tool presented here will definitely be a valuable addon to my setup.

  29. Аватар пользователя @diegojon8267

    Seems a great training tool.

  30. Аватар пользователя @Stwutter1973

    Brilliant pice of software, but obscenely priced. I can see a case for buying it for one month to get up to speed before using Vatsim, but the price is a disgrace. I'm sure they need to make money, but what we need is 2 of 3 of these as competitors and watch the price drop.

  31. Аватар пользователя @paulknowles9681

    Impressive…I'd like to see the ATC response for an incorrect readback.

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