Эпоха человеческого устаревания (Сора — OpenAI) gpt

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  1. Аватар пользователя @daine3832

    idk, all the same arguments Plato launches in the Phaedrus against the written word hold against these new forms of encoding

  2. Аватар пользователя @charliebaby7065

    yeah, i expected this much, i was trying to build a js version of ms' holoportation system ,(did well with the 3d scanning/building, but pinning down 6dof was is challanging)
    i was expecting a rise of human identity as image generators grew. a need to project ourselfs into a stereoscopic space, designed for human eyes, to experience human flow fingerprints.
    much like captcha's would check mouse movements for signs of human analog movements

    but on a biological, fundemtal level of perception.
    violating this expectation, brings for that uncanny valley feeling

    but with sora,and vr panaramic ai hybrids popping up
    im derailed by the true exponential nature of 'the slope' of moores law.

    i was hoping to be able to last a little longer than this.
    now i don't know what to do. we're so screwed unless we establish some laws.

    mentioned to a friend as i explained what sora was to him and asked.
    what if someome produced a video of you with an octopus in minutes and posted it?
    his reply
    thats great, cause then id just make one of me and a badge, me and a giraffe, me and taylor swift
    and then ask everyone, now which is the real one?

    and maybe thats all it will take,
    only trust those you know in real life (taking a step back to how things used to be)
    and use what you know to believe, only that which you expect from them online.

    works great for friends and family,
    not so much with political propeganda

  3. Аватар пользователя @BearTraderDan

    Now the eurgecs ideologies get accelerated , first the green movement existence guilt where many people have rejected having children because they feel they are harming the environment , the next method will be the incel culture where human internaction is minimalises and sex robots fill the needs of the awkward , the subsistance existence also makes having children unaffordable and undesirable , the next option is attrition through health , be it infertility through medical options, by food and politician etc , and finally the less likely option is continued attrition by war.
    The goal will be the make land free for the rich elites , who own the robotic machines which manufacture all . AI in the hands of the elites will be the distraction of humanity , it must be owned collectively or it will crush the collective majority of humanity

  4. Аватар пользователя @David22092001

    i always get so much inspiration after watching your videos and goddamn uve been COOKIN recently

  5. Аватар пользователя @genocidevirus8986

    Personally my money is on the Bruce Willis film I think it’s call Surrogate. We’re all just gonna be living our lives inside our homes. Walking about a virtual reality that we can’t tell the difference between.

  6. Аватар пользователя @EiboThieme

    For me everybody who has believed even in 1900 that photography were a representation of reality has been misguided and an easy target for propaganda. Destroying the remnants of this unwarranted belief will be a good thing. Moreover we will be able to disregard any images incriminating us as everybody would suppose they were fabricated, even if they were true.

  7. Аватар пользователя @Andriej69

    So, It looks like we're going to find out which will It be: Matrix, Terminator or Wall-E

  8. Аватар пользователя @YARAH42

    Qur'anic hyperstition at play here. Reza Negarestani has already vanquished Nick Land's argument in this case. Iblis (AI accelerationism as propunded by Land) must bow down to original 'Adamic' human project (that ofcourse needs revised hermeneutics as to what a human really is as per Reza's 'Intelligence & Spirit' book). The Messiah/Mahdi will deliver us from this conundrum.

  9. Аватар пользователя @NikolajKuntner

    Ha, I've used that thumbnail before.

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