OpenAI Sora и Apple Vision Pro = симуляция жизни? gpt

Смотреть видео OpenAI Sora & Apple Vision Pro = Life Simulation? нейросеть онлайн бесплатно OpenAI Sora & Apple Vision Pro = Life Simulation? 2024 в качестве онлайн






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  1. Аватар пользователя @sm69g

    this is crazy. i imagined millions of ways to misuse this or to make money with already.

  2. Аватар пользователя @derrickwells333

    Can you talk about perplexity AI please?

  3. Аватар пользователя @YouthVideoQuest

    the world is changing fast

  4. Аватар пользователя @MarkVillalovos

    So you mentioned your fondness for investments, Goda — who are you predicting to be the winners? Who are the Black Swans?

  5. Аватар пользователя @JG27Korny

    I highly value Joseph Rosenbaum ideas of ProfSynapse. Everything he does is golden. Using his approach of markdown I was able to make a promptframework that mimics exactly some of the crewAI examples by translating the pythons functions and class hierarchy using markdown.

  6. Аватар пользователя @lucas3d676

    Imagine 100.000 users at once prompting the super computer they have used to produce these videos…

  7. Аватар пользователя @PrakashKhatri2023

    In this video, I didn't see your face so quit in between 😢

  8. Аватар пользователя @PrakashKhatri2023

    I'll buy vision pro after 7th edition,n ow it's in early stage and very bulky.
    & People like Elon musk is suing Sam Altman because he's far behind in this AI game. 😂Look at OpenAI sora vs Grok Ai 🤣
    Will he making twitter (x) a non profit organization?

  9. Аватар пользователя @d.d.jacksonpoetryproject

    Excellent video. But don’t we already have the last part — realistic avatars of your face in Apple Vision Pro? (albeit not as nice as the demos Mark Zuckerberg showed with Lex Friedman)…

  10. Аватар пользователя @razixrz

    One of the best creators out there in this domain. Subscribed!

  11. Аватар пользователя @anglikai9517

    This world is already a simulation.

  12. Аватар пользователя @techiechar

    Also Disney investing $1.5 billion in Epic Games (unreal engine and Fortnite) further backs up what you are saying. Awesome Goda, as always

  13. Аватар пользователя @danishhakim9936

    Wow you came back again with such a good knowledge in quick span of time. God bless you and you keep on sharing this amazing knowledge more and more 💯

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