Sora от OpenAI изменит все навсегда gpt

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  1. Аватар пользователя @ConnorHammond

    I've watched four people make the exact same video on this subject, expecting to hear something new. What's wrong with me?

  2. Аватар пользователя @Windows__2000

    Every tool ever decreases pay in the field the tool is used in and takes jobs. That's the entire point of making a new tool. And yes, misinformation is an issue, and it is worse because it's more accessible, but if anything this will make the job of the actual "professionals" harder, because image and video won't just be taken as trustworthy.

  3. Аватар пользователя @macksii

    good point that the fear is capitalism misdirected onto ai. all of their fears are only ones that would crop up to someone who was birthed under capitalism and filled with propaganda

  4. Аватар пользователя @ProbABurner

    LatentPlaces likely uses something like this. that channel is surprisingly cool

  5. Аватар пользователя @dob_z

    Ai would not be financially plausible for pictures or videos in any world without stealing the content used to train it. Either use thousands of artist employees, so why then not just use them themselves. Or use true ai to train it, but then why the extra step?

  6. Аватар пользователя @whycreepy

    I hate Samsung

    But, I like your Rambles
    I'm glad you continue to upload to this channel

  7. Аватар пользователя @ilikespagett1514

    matto i just wanted to say that prologue but its voiced by anime girls is one of your greatest videos, definitely an underappreciated classic

  8. Аватар пользователя @Johnyisme

    Hey matto! It’s not pronounced gnochi, but ñoki

  9. Аватар пользователя @denny0420

    AI needs to be stopped before it ruins media entertainment. I don't wanna watch some shitass video generated by AI I wanna watch something handcrafted by people with passion, not an algorithm.

  10. Аватар пользователя @SoraFan23

    Obviouslly this is going to make it difficult to tell what is real or what is fake because when this releases people who know nothing about AI will see this and think it is real.

  11. Аватар пользователя @elliotlewis5717

    I vote Matt for president of the world

  12. Аватар пользователя @the_babbleboom

    this is like watching a climate change denier. clueless, confident, doesn't seem to really care to get the facts straight.
    you became exactly what you kept calling out, and it's 0 surprise there.

  13. Аватар пользователя @alet1934

    19:22 thats when neurochips come in, hopefully.

    And hopefully, cybernetic enhanced body parts

  14. Аватар пользователя @RandoRobbo87

    This is just 10 minutes of Matt saying "Why would you pay for something when you can get it for free". If I was smarter I'd compare it to last weeks video on piracy but niether you or I have the time to read or write it.

  15. Аватар пользователя @the_babbleboom

    that first clip, watch the "road(s)" on the left and the "cars"…
    nothing else really makes any sense about the whole "composition".
    sorry but people seem impressed just from some leaves and snow distracting from what's going on.

  16. Аватар пользователя @Yamato-wx1mo

    Would AI not have also their own piece of charm before they become perfect artists? I mean no one can replicate an AI art, its very characteristic of them and Im sure in the future they will be like "We need AI to make original stuff not realistic stuff" and the same history that art went will happen over AI art, what do you think.

  17. Аватар пользователя @aviewer6299

    i have not heard a single person mention any actual use case for ai generated stock footage. compositing videos yourself allows you to ensure the quality of the stock footage used, while using ai guarantees that the quality will be poor. sure not everyone might notice ai hallucinations, but the ones that do could potentially significantly damage your brand’s image.

    so only people that wouldn’t care about their brand image, or that peddle cryptobro/ai bro hype would be the ones to use those videos, and i’d argue that isn’t a legitimate use of those videos.

    im sure some people will say it’ll be better in the future, but i’ve heard that so many times in the past. while yes ai has improved significantly, it hasn’t improved to a point of being usable. once it does then you can make that argument. but because ai is incapable of understanding the context of what it’s generating, and rather generating what it assumes you want to see, my understanding is that ai will always be behind that line of usability.

  18. Аватар пользователя @rhy45bianchi31

    9:41 then there are pros and cons in reaction content sorry matto but honestly I feel this isn’t one your best takes

  19. Аватар пользователя @lMedicineMan

    8:2313:33 this segment really brought back great memories of 2019 rambles. Philosophical, somewhat political even.
    Reminds me why I like to come back to the channel so often

  20. Аватар пользователя @pimplyface64

    one day soon, in our life time we will see ai used to draw the images in your mind… if that isnt already a thing…

  21. Аватар пользователя @ryangordon578

    If I could make money from Ai video or art vs actually drawing/creating it myself I just wouldn't feel any accomplishment from it. Cause really you didn't do anything.

  22. Аватар пользователя @HUNLEE-ge7fj

    I love the ai segments. Please do more

  23. Аватар пользователя @Hxxdxn

    Day 4 of commenting to boost the algorithm on the channel. (And to the commenters complaining about these exact comments cry about it lmao some people like seeing content they like being successful)

  24. Аватар пользователя @hitstothebrain3288

    Im going to use AI to react to your content on all platforms random sites like rumble and kick

  25. Аватар пользователя @banhammer7243

    While you "Don't need much to fool people!" You have to bare in mind the willingness to be fooled, if you can generate an image that will confirm a persons bias they will believe.

  26. Аватар пользователя @Sheriff6170

    I hate the argument of job loss. Obviously, it's valid for individuals, but should never be an argument for society as a totality. Making a job obsolete means greater prosperity with less effort. Not so long ago people complained about robots taking their jobs at factories, now it's super normal and production of goods is accelerated extremely.

    To give a hypothetical example:
    a cheap cure for literally every ailment of the human body gets invented "But what about the jobs of doctors? They are going to become obsolete and will not be able to support their families." Obviously, a cure for everything would be a positive for billions of people, and future generations would just forget the profession of "doctor", but people get too hung up on immediate short-term effects.

  27. Аватар пользователя @senorhillta1194

    I thought that prologue voiced with girl is hard because girls are not real

  28. Аватар пользователя @sebastianventura4964

    The problem with Ai just as ChatGPT is that they replace the thing were they gain their information. Chatgpt gains information from websites that need ads to sustain itself, steals art from artist. They are destroying the source of their images and information

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